All about Clover

Clover came into this world as a little furry bundle of light and energy.

We had two other dogs at the time and my husband and I hadn’t planned on expanding our pack. When a friend of mine called to let me know that her Boston, Roxanne, was going to have a litter of puppies around Memorial Day weekend, I immediately threw caution to the wind and offered to take one of the puppies, without even consulting my husband.

Our family at that time was made up of myself, my husband (then boyfriend), a two-year old Papillon named Charlie and a one year old Boxer named Brooke (more on Charlie and Brooke in another post). Adding another family member at the time wasn’t ideal, since we were poor college students at the time, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have another Boston in my life. I mean really, what is one more… 😉


Clover, Brooke, and Charlie (2015)

We were on vacation at the beach when we got the call… “The Puppies Are Here!” I immediately started making plans to get back home to meet the newest addition to our family. Roxanne’s litter had three puppies, two boys and a girl… it was love at first sight.

We met our sweet little girl when she was just three days old. Clover got her name her right away because of a “clover” marking on her head. Clover “offically” joined our family at five and a half weeks old and she was a the cutest, tiniest, little terror we had ever seen.


Clover and her brother Zeke

Since those early days Clover has mellowed out quite a bit and  is one of the most chilled out Boston Terriers I have ever met. She is perfectly content to lay around on the couch with you all day, but she also has a bit of spunk when she needs it. You can often find Clover laying in front of one of our homes glass doors in a beam of sunlight. She loves warm weather, so we try to take her to the beach once a year so she can lay on the warm sand in the hot sun. In the winter we set up a small ceramic fan that she loves to sit in front of as long as I will let her, which in her opinion is never long enough. She loves to be outside and we have taken her on many adventures through the years, but her absolute favorite place to be is with her family and I can say that is my favorite place too.


Clover canoeing on the Harpeth River (2016)

Fun facts about Clover…

  • She will cover herself up – if there is no sun beaming down on her she will find a blanket and cover herself up. It is very funny to watch, I still chuckle when I catch her doing it.
  • She loves to lay in the sun – if it is a sunny day, her bed must be in the sun. She will move her bed around all day long to stay in the sunlight. As the day passes Clover will get up out of bed and move it around.
  • She loves to suck on toys – she has a few special toys that she will suck on all day long. Clover loves these toys and likes to have them with her all of the time.
  • She loves to wear clothes – Clover loves clothes, tee-shirts, tank tops, or hoodies, no matter what it is if she sees it in your hand she will run over to you and try to put her it over her head.
  • She loves to lay on her back to sleep she will be covered up with her head on her pillow in her bed on her back sleeping all day long while Brian and I are at work.

Clover: No Photos Please

FullSizeRender (1)

Clover in her natural habitat


Clover & Brooke 


Just lounging

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