Happy Fourth of July

We have had a fun-filled Fourth of July weekend here in Nashville. It all started with a little yard work, setting the kids up with an in-ground doggie pool and they are loving the new addition to the backyard!



Brian, Clover, Collin, and Daisy enjoying the doggie pool

The house work continued with a little rearranging of storage areas in our closets and the unpacking of all the camping gear from the bluegrass festival we attended last weekend. The humans took a small day trip to KY to spend sometime on the lake with my family on Saturday but made it home in time for dinner with the fur kids. Sunday was filled with more housework and puppy playtime followed by a visit from Uncle Ben.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Lake Fun

Monday has been rainy off and on all day so we have had lots of couch snuggle time and gotten lots of rest, we ended the night with a few fireworks downtown. The dogs were loving their ThunderShirts with all of the loud pops and bangs, these have definitely become worth their weight in gold. (Tip: make sure to fit the shirts very snug when you buy them for you dog. We took Clover into Nashville Pet Products try them on in store before purchasing hers.) 


Collin watching the fireworks getting started

We hope that your family had a wonderful Independence Day and that you got to enjoy a few fireworks with your loved ones.


Happy Independence Day!

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