Bluegrass Dogs

Back in June, our family, dogs included traveled to Owensboro, Ky to attend the ROMP Bluegrass Festival. My husband and I attended the festival the previous year and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the festivities; the dogs had gone on vacation to grandmas house for the weekend. While we were there we noticed a lot of the festival goers had their dogs with them. I, of course, hate being away from my little darlings and started planning bringing the little ones along the following year.

This summer has been very hot in the south and the forecast was looking to be really hot for the festival. Having mostly black fur and flat faces in the hot weather isn’t a good combination. So, I started my research on how to keep the little ones cool and comfortable in the heat for the festival.

I started with products from my favorite brands. Ruffwear is my go to brand for awesome dog products, I have a lot of their stuff and I love all of it. I found the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler when I was searching on their website, I checked all of the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I ordered two of the vests and hoped that they would work, and luckily they worked great!  When I got them in the mail, I was really skeptical because they seemed really thick and I thought that they would be really hot; but they were amazing.


Clover and Collin enjoying their Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vests

We ordered some O2 Cool battery operated fans from Amazon and I brought along a couple of the Outdoor Dog cool mats that had purchased from Home Goods a while back. We stopped by Walmart and picked up a kiddie pool but we used it more than the dogs did :).


Clover enjoying the Bluegrass music and her fan

The festival was a lot of fun and it was great being able to enjoying it with our entire family. When I am able to bring my fur kids along I am much happier. When I know that they are comfortable and happy that is even better!


Sharing an antler


Clover people watching


Collin being spoiled by Aunt Katie


Hanging at camp



Collin Relaxing ROMP Style

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