Clover & Collin’s Favorite Things

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you need a gift idea for your lucky puppy or a friend’s lucky puppy; scroll down for Clover and Collins gift guide. These products areĀ some of our favorites.



GoDog are the absolute BEST toys I have found for two twenty pound dogs that love to play tug. The first toy that I purchased for Collin from this brand (Triceratops) is still alive and well and I am so happy with the quality of these products. These toys are tough and still soft enough for when they want to snuggle up with them at bedtime.


The RuffWear Front Range Harness is my go-to for walks. My vet recommended that I use harnesses several years ago after Clover started having neck problems. The Front Range Harness is my favorite out of many harnesses that I have tried over the years. They are very easy to size to fit different body shapes. My favorite feature is the id pocket that fits an id tag. These harnesses are Clover and Collin approved.



Allagash Jacket, I purchased an Allagash dog jacket for Clover several years ago and it is great to have for rainy days. I bought another one as a Christmas gift for Collin and it is going to be great for those rainy day walks.


Yummy Treats:

Acana Treats are some of Clover’s favorites and I appreciate the simple locally sourced ingredients.

Zukes Hip Action Treats are a great way to support Clover’s aging joints in a way that she enjoys. These treats are a must-haveĀ for my pups stockings.



Antlers are Clover and Collins favorite pass times. They love to snuggle in their beds and chew antlers and I love that they prefer antlers over chewing my shoes.

The best thing about all of these gift ideas is that you can find them all on Amazon.

Happy Holidays!

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