Spring Fun

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought it was time for an update. Life has been hectic for our family, I have taken a new job where I am lucky enough to be able to work from home and be with the pups all day and Brian has been very busy with his work and spring projects. With the weather getting nicer and Clover and Collin have been enjoying being outside on sunny days. We have started taking Collin to an obedience class to work on his socialization issues. So far he has been to two classes and let’s just say we got off to a rocky start…

I took him to his first class where he squeaked, barked, and grumbled through the entire hour long class. I have never been so embarrassed about one of my dog’s manners in my life, he was absolutely terrible. The trainer put up a visual barrier around us to try to help, I was in shock with his terrible behavior. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to the next class. It just so happened that I was out of town on a beach vacation during the second class. I lovingly gave the clicker and the treats to my husband and said good luck. While I was enjoying some beach time he sent me a picture of them in class where Collin was quietly laying by Brian’s feet being a perfect angel (with no visual barrier). The trainer even asked if this was the same dog. Brain said he was the quickest to pick up on all of the new commands. I told him that it is his job to take him from now on… we are going to the next class together, wish us luck.

I thought I would share a few photos from the past month’s adventures…


Collin with his dad in class


Collin getting his beauty rest


Clover & Collin in their natural habitat

Clover & Collin’s Favorite Things

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you need a gift idea for your lucky puppy or a friend’s lucky puppy; scroll down for Clover and Collins gift guide. These products are some of our favorites.



GoDog are the absolute BEST toys I have found for two twenty pound dogs that love to play tug. The first toy that I purchased for Collin from this brand (Triceratops) is still alive and well and I am so happy with the quality of these products. These toys are tough and still soft enough for when they want to snuggle up with them at bedtime.


The RuffWear Front Range Harness is my go-to for walks. My vet recommended that I use harnesses several years ago after Clover started having neck problems. The Front Range Harness is my favorite out of many harnesses that I have tried over the years. They are very easy to size to fit different body shapes. My favorite feature is the id pocket that fits an id tag. These harnesses are Clover and Collin approved.



Allagash Jacket, I purchased an Allagash dog jacket for Clover several years ago and it is great to have for rainy days. I bought another one as a Christmas gift for Collin and it is going to be great for those rainy day walks.


Yummy Treats:

Acana Treats are some of Clover’s favorites and I appreciate the simple locally sourced ingredients.

Zukes Hip Action Treats are a great way to support Clover’s aging joints in a way that she enjoys. These treats are a must-have for my pups stockings.



Antlers are Clover and Collins favorite pass times. They love to snuggle in their beds and chew antlers and I love that they prefer antlers over chewing my shoes.

The best thing about all of these gift ideas is that you can find them all on Amazon.

Happy Holidays!

Puppy Snuggles

After a long weekend of eating, visiting family, playing and snuggling. These two were exausted on Sunday. I put up the Christmas tree and wrapped presents while my little elves were tucked into their beds sound asleep.



Bluegrass Dogs

Back in June, our family, dogs included traveled to Owensboro, Ky to attend the ROMP Bluegrass Festival. My husband and I attended the festival the previous year and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the festivities; the dogs had gone on vacation to grandmas house for the weekend. While we were there we noticed a lot of the festival goers had their dogs with them. I, of course, hate being away from my little darlings and started planning bringing the little ones along the following year.

This summer has been very hot in the south and the forecast was looking to be really hot for the festival. Having mostly black fur and flat faces in the hot weather isn’t a good combination. So, I started my research on how to keep the little ones cool and comfortable in the heat for the festival.

I started with products from my favorite brands. Ruffwear is my go to brand for awesome dog products, I have a lot of their stuff and I love all of it. I found the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler when I was searching on their website, I checked all of the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I ordered two of the vests and hoped that they would work, and luckily they worked great!  When I got them in the mail, I was really skeptical because they seemed really thick and I thought that they would be really hot; but they were amazing.


Clover and Collin enjoying their Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vests

We ordered some O2 Cool battery operated fans from Amazon and I brought along a couple of the Outdoor Dog cool mats that had purchased from Home Goods a while back. We stopped by Walmart and picked up a kiddie pool but we used it more than the dogs did :).


Clover enjoying the Bluegrass music and her fan

The festival was a lot of fun and it was great being able to enjoying it with our entire family. When I am able to bring my fur kids along I am much happier. When I know that they are comfortable and happy that is even better!


Sharing an antler


Clover people watching


Collin being spoiled by Aunt Katie


Hanging at camp



Collin Relaxing ROMP Style

Reminiscing: Carefree

Somedays, well, I’ll say most days I wish I could escape the daily adult responsibilities of life and just live carefree

Summertime especially brings these feelings to the surface. As I am making the drive through the park on my daily commute into the office; I pass by people outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I start reminiscing about summer breaks as a kid. Having months off to just be free.

As a child I spent most summers on my grandparents farm riding my pony, playing with kittens in the barn loft, and exploring the woods with my cousins and my dog. Sitting here now, recalling those memories, I can almost smell my grandmother cooking mashed potatoes in the kitchen and seeing the sunlight shining through the large windows of the hundred year old farmhouse.


I was just back on my grandparents farm this past weekend and perhaps that is why I have been feeling overly reminiscent. The farm is much the same as it was in my younger years, a few of my favorite trees are no longer in the front yard and the kitchen of the hundred plus year old farm house is being renovated but overall the farm is the same. The light still shines through those floor to ceiling windows with the same warm summer glow and my grandmother can still be counted on to prepare my favorite fresh farm corn and famous ‘Roundhill Mashed Potatoes’ even with a half functioning kitchen. But there is one difference and it is significant, or at least it is to me.

Me, the difference, is me. I am twenty years older than that little girl running around the farm with her dog and her pony. The way I feel about my grandparents farm is still the same as that ten year old little girl, but the way I see it now is through a different lens, or maybe not a different lens but the same lens with a filter. I guess I would say the filter I see the farm through now is like adding the Mayfair filter on instagram; it softens the edges and adds an antique glow. It is not like the vivid high speed lens of childhood, with the bold colors and sharp contrasts, it is gentler and peaceful.


When I am back home on the farm away from city life and traffic, life seems simpler, breath comes easier, and the stress of deadlines and the pressures of career loosen their grip. On the farm the nights are darker and the stars are brighter, the sunrises are new beginnings and the sunsets, well they are spectacular.


I hope that everyone has a place that they feel this way about, that feels like a part of them, that even though they may have only been there once, they knew it was home. My grandparents farm makes me feel incredibly lucky, I was a lucky kid to grow up the way I did, with the people in my life, and the in the carefree way that kids with no worries at all do.

I think I will try to get back to there more often and live life, even for just a weekend, as that carefree little girl running around on the farm with her dogs, and maybe even a new horse… if she can talk her Papa into it… fingers crossed.




Dog Days

Do you ever have those weeks when nothing goes to plan?

I am having one of those, this week. I decided to help my stress level that I would take a few fun photos of the kids. I then decided why not share them to make someone smile.

Just a few fun photos…


Collin pondering life… or what to try to chew on next.

FullSizeRender (9)

Clover relaxing with her piggy

FullSizeRender (7)

Just waiting in the bathroom for mom to get ready for work

FullSizeRender (6)

Clover is so sleepy

FullSizeRender (8)

Collin striking a pose

We hope that these photos brightened up your day and made you smile :).

Who, What, Why, & Where

I have decided that I am going to start a blog, so what does that mean…

Well, I’m still puzzling that out at the moment. I know the basis of what I want to center the blog around, my life, my Boston Terriers, and all of our adventures. I want to make sure I stick with this blog and learn as much as possible so I signed up for the Blogging University course Learning the Fundamentals of Blogging and the Developing Your Eye photography based course. I am really excited to see how much I can learn about blogging and grow as a photographer in the next thirty days.

Day One: I decided to go with Who, What, Why, and Where for the topics of this post.

First things first… WHO. Well, I am in my early thirties and I work in the environmental consulting field. I live in Nashville, TN with my husband and our two Boston Terriers Clover & Collin. Originally a Kentucky girl, I have lived in Nashville for over eight years. My husband and I have been together for twelve years now and we recently purchased our first home. We are absolutely loving it!

WHAT. What is my plan for this blog, my plan is simply to be creative. I am going to use this blog to establish an outlet for all of the excess creativity that I have left over everyday after work. I want to document and share my wonderful life that I have with my husband and our two sweet little fur kids.

WHY. Hmmm… Basically I want to make sure that I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life, the amazing adventures that I go on, and that I document how much my two little dogs mean to me so that I can remember all of the fun times we shared through the journey of our lives.

WHERE. This blog will travel with me on all of my dogs and my own exploits. Although most days we will be based mainly out of Nashville, I like to think that our home as an adventure in its own right. Since we are new homeowners just navigating the world of “if it breaks, its on you to fix it”  Should provide some good entertainment ;).


Home Sweet Home (Day 1 of the ‘Developing Your Eye’ course)


All about Clover

Clover came into this world as a little furry bundle of light and energy.

We had two other dogs at the time and my husband and I hadn’t planned on expanding our pack. When a friend of mine called to let me know that her Boston, Roxanne, was going to have a litter of puppies around Memorial Day weekend, I immediately threw caution to the wind and offered to take one of the puppies, without even consulting my husband.

Our family at that time was made up of myself, my husband (then boyfriend), a two-year old Papillon named Charlie and a one year old Boxer named Brooke (more on Charlie and Brooke in another post). Adding another family member at the time wasn’t ideal, since we were poor college students at the time, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have another Boston in my life. I mean really, what is one more… 😉


Clover, Brooke, and Charlie (2015)

We were on vacation at the beach when we got the call… “The Puppies Are Here!” I immediately started making plans to get back home to meet the newest addition to our family. Roxanne’s litter had three puppies, two boys and a girl… it was love at first sight.

We met our sweet little girl when she was just three days old. Clover got her name her right away because of a “clover” marking on her head. Clover “offically” joined our family at five and a half weeks old and she was a the cutest, tiniest, little terror we had ever seen.


Clover and her brother Zeke

Since those early days Clover has mellowed out quite a bit and  is one of the most chilled out Boston Terriers I have ever met. She is perfectly content to lay around on the couch with you all day, but she also has a bit of spunk when she needs it. You can often find Clover laying in front of one of our homes glass doors in a beam of sunlight. She loves warm weather, so we try to take her to the beach once a year so she can lay on the warm sand in the hot sun. In the winter we set up a small ceramic fan that she loves to sit in front of as long as I will let her, which in her opinion is never long enough. She loves to be outside and we have taken her on many adventures through the years, but her absolute favorite place to be is with her family and I can say that is my favorite place too.


Clover canoeing on the Harpeth River (2016)

Fun facts about Clover…

  • She will cover herself up – if there is no sun beaming down on her she will find a blanket and cover herself up. It is very funny to watch, I still chuckle when I catch her doing it.
  • She loves to lay in the sun – if it is a sunny day, her bed must be in the sun. She will move her bed around all day long to stay in the sunlight. As the day passes Clover will get up out of bed and move it around.
  • She loves to suck on toys – she has a few special toys that she will suck on all day long. Clover loves these toys and likes to have them with her all of the time.
  • She loves to wear clothes – Clover loves clothes, tee-shirts, tank tops, or hoodies, no matter what it is if she sees it in your hand she will run over to you and try to put her it over her head.
  • She loves to lay on her back to sleep she will be covered up with her head on her pillow in her bed on her back sleeping all day long while Brian and I are at work.

Clover: No Photos Please

FullSizeRender (1)

Clover in her natural habitat


Clover & Brooke 


Just lounging

Happy Fourth of July

We have had a fun-filled Fourth of July weekend here in Nashville. It all started with a little yard work, setting the kids up with an in-ground doggie pool and they are loving the new addition to the backyard!



Brian, Clover, Collin, and Daisy enjoying the doggie pool

The house work continued with a little rearranging of storage areas in our closets and the unpacking of all the camping gear from the bluegrass festival we attended last weekend. The humans took a small day trip to KY to spend sometime on the lake with my family on Saturday but made it home in time for dinner with the fur kids. Sunday was filled with more housework and puppy playtime followed by a visit from Uncle Ben.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Lake Fun

Monday has been rainy off and on all day so we have had lots of couch snuggle time and gotten lots of rest, we ended the night with a few fireworks downtown. The dogs were loving their ThunderShirts with all of the loud pops and bangs, these have definitely become worth their weight in gold. (Tip: make sure to fit the shirts very snug when you buy them for you dog. We took Clover into Nashville Pet Products try them on in store before purchasing hers.) 


Collin watching the fireworks getting started

We hope that your family had a wonderful Independence Day and that you got to enjoy a few fireworks with your loved ones.


Happy Independence Day!